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Natty Wine was founded in 2017 by Victor Vasquez and Alexander Gable as a wine pop-up and event organization company. After several years of research and saving, they made their first series of imports in 2019. Starting with just two pallets of wines from four small Italian winemakers, they now have a growing portfolio of 20+ producers partners from France, Slovakia, Slovenia and Italy; most of which are making less then ten thousand bottles a year.

Inspired by their years of experience working in specialty coffee and service industries, they both found a mutual mission to improve the level of connectivity from producers to final customers and to inspire a level of transparency that they noticed needed improvement in the wine importing and distribution business. 

In the early stages of the companies development, Alex was working as a wine journalist and researcher in Italy and later part time as a sommelier at Milano's Cantine Isole, where he was meeting an overwhelming amount of talented producers at every turn, so there was no shortage of direct access to winemakers. Alex is still based full time in Northern Italy and works out of our tiny office near Valtellina to facilitate regular producer visits and research.

Victor is based full time in the Mid-Atlantic US, and set the stage for Natty Wine's distribution channels and organized the entire business structure. He manages sales and tastings for NY and the DMV, hosts events and manages all domestic logistics. He has also been working for Dolcezza Gelato in DC for for over 10 years taking part in everything from developing cafe menus and new gelato flavors to account management and developing barista curriculum and training the teams for all of their cafes.


Victor and Alex met in 2015 and started collaborating on events, competitions and educational coffee events for Coffee District while they were sharing a lab space when Alex was working as a trainer for Stumptown Coffee. Barbecuing and blind tasting wines turned into more of an obsession that led to their first Natty Wine Pop - Up Bar years later at the DC regional aeropress coffee competition they organized. They then took the bar on the road for other events and started co-hosting a jazz and chamber music concert series inside of DC row houses.

Alex moved to Milano in 2017 and after just a couple of months, they started developing the import company and making friends with winemakers. 

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