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Luca Palmieri
Murge, Ruvo di Puglia (BA), Italy
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Hailing from Trani, one of Puglia's influential art and cittàslow-certified cities on the port with a historic maritime gastronomic culture, Luca Palmieri couldn't help growing up to work deeply within the world of food and wine. 
Palmieri built a successful solo career in business communication, culinary event management, menu development, and became recognized as cultural ambassador for his micro-region and it's food. Through his work, he studied with winemakers from all over Italy and as fate would have it, had the opportunity to find a small vineyard of his own and to rent a space in a cellar of one of his friends who makes
organic wines in Ruvo di Puglia.
Francesco Mazzone's cellar and vineyards are about a 25 minute drive inland from the port into the central Murge wine region, and is home to Palmieri's micro-production of 1900 bottles, 450 of which just made their way to New York.



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