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Giulio Viglione
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The company was founded in 1915, shortly after the start of the First World War, by Viglione's grandfather Giuseppe who initially cultivated grapes for sale to winemakers.  
Giulio's wine history begins in the mid-50s, when, before going to school, he used to get on the ox to pull the plow, and then continued, when in 1964, Giulio's father Carlo decided to start bottling on his own wines as Carlo Viglione e Figlio. 


Giulio and his wife Bernard Rosa Maria, originally from Germany, ran the company until closing it in 2020. They had always cultivated around 4 hectares of vineyards with organic practices, but never felt the need to get an organic certification. No chemical intervention takes place in the vineyard, except for some treatment with sulfur and copper. All of his wines are destemmed and go through spontaneous fermentation, and then the whole process starts and ends in large oak barrels. The Dolcetto d'Alba DOC and Barbera d'Alba DOC both have no sulfur added at any point.

The wines of Giulio, famous throughout Italy, are Barolo, Dolcetto and Barbera: all of great drinkability and sincerity, accompanied by the typical finesse of the area, with a production of around 10-12,000 bottles per year.

The two wines currently available in NY, the Dolcetto d'Alba DOC 2020 and Barbera d'Alba DOC 2020 are Giulio's final vintages. This is his first wine ever imported outside of Europe, and it sadly is his last. 

Giulio doesn't have any family to pass the torch to and although he carry's a slight sadness about closing down the farm, he doesn't seem reluctant at all. After a series of very difficult life events, including the removal of the beloved Cannubi Nebbiolo vineyard, he is quite content to retire and fix up their house and work on his tractors (his true obsession) all day. 

There are still a few vintages of Nebbiolo that are being aged as Riserva Barolo. Stay tuned...




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